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About Orchard Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Partnering With You

Since the winter of 2008, Orchard Chiropractic & Physiotherapy has been serving Kelowna and the surrounding communities as a premier family wellness and sports injury care center. We are conveniently located central to the entire valley.

Our first priority when we see a new patient is to assess their main complaint and address it first. Next, we investigate how that’s integrated with the spine and nervous system, and how that fits in with their overall health goals.

We’re a holistic practice focused on increasing the awareness of chiropractic healing and building strong relationships. We try to bring awareness to our patients, help them to be proactive with their health, and participate in their healing.

What Makes Us Different?

We find that many of our patients are people who’ve tried other modes of health care – or even other chiropractors- and haven’t yet found what works for them. Sometimes they’re simply looking for a more thorough evaluation.

We’re able to provide that because instead of focusing on becoming a high volume practice, we choose to focus on providing quality care. “We spend the time we feel is required with each patient,” says Dr. Barnett. “Needs vary from person to person, and we devote ample time to corrective exercises and teaching them about self-care. Taking care of yourself after an adjustment is just as important as coming in for care.”

What Keeps Us Going?

The difference we make in the lives of people and their families – and helping them to stay active – is very gratifying. We don’t just help people out of pain, but we help them to live the lives they want.

We offer a number of parallel services which support and enhance your health; including chiropractic care, Shockwave Therapy (RSWT),  massage therapy, holistic nutrition, kinesiology, custom foot orthotics, and an assortment of health and wellness products.

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